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2-14-2021Goal assignments on time.
2-16-21Some Website updates.
2-18 to 2-20Cold dealings. Texas power grid offline.
2-21 to 2-28I do understand how have[Edit 5-24-22] making the wrong moves cause failure; but when did making the right rught[Edit 5-24-22] ones become so offsetting to target.
3-1 to 3-4 "I can catch up at Spring Break '' is all my head keeps telling me, but I am beginning begining[Edit 5-30-22] to wonder.
3-5If Spring Break is ignored I may amy[Edit 6-1-22] be able to catch up :(
3-6Just when I thought tought[Edit 6-2-22] the wedge between the ex and I could not be any bigger. Somehow I was able to replace it with a bigger one. Oh well, I guess it could be raining too.
3-8Burning that midnight oil like Spring Break doesn't exist. Only been outside once to help unload carpet.
3-12Last minute updates upsates [Edit 6-9-22] to the site.
3-22Professor was right, don't fall behind in the blog. Spring Break Beark [Edit 6-11-22] half-work /half-play. Mainly got caught up a little bit. Immunization scheduled for the last day of March.
3-23They say there are no not* tough times, just tough people. They also say that when the times get tough, the tough get going. Well, in reality when things get tough, just move on, like* everyone else does to just moves unto something easier. We are going to let the stories that need to be told come to us.We have condensed 30 min of news into 10 minutes. Including one and only one ad for your business lasting no longer than 107 seconds, we recommend less 99 seconds to ensure smooth transitions. We have switched formats to become a truly independent news site. Starting in August 2021, we will only work by independent contract. Furthermore, up to 50 % of your paid bill can go straight to the charity of your choice (donated in your business name [and fully tax-deductible]).
* [Edit 6-13-22]
3-24Break was great, now time to get back to work. Time for a complete website overhaul, especially given the new site format. Donanting to charity is optional in leiu of that 75% of the final bid price will be assessed. Please keep you preferred payment option in mind when making bids.[Edit 6-20-22]
3-25Website redesign underway. Looks better already! For the record, at least one assignment was turned in early. Site now compatible with Android Andriod{Edit 6-23-22] and iOS. At least the HTML and Scripting is coming back, not quite like riding a bike but close.
3-26Still working on the format and marketing which seemingly is a full time job by itself[Edit 6-26-22]
3-27Would like to contract once per quarter for a total of no more than five contacts per year. This also allots time for development, fresh perspective, and feedback. [Edit 6-28-22]
3-29I used to work for the State of New Mexico Health Department, we have all been exposured to COVID in some degree/fashion or form.
Social distancing, for a social species seems a little like expecting a canine not to eat the food, that just fell, right by them.
American citizens should now vote on more than just who our representatives will be. We are not the same agrarian society that needed 'noblesse oblige'. “Over 90% of U.S. households have mobile phones. A 2017 survey found that over 50% of U.S. households are wireless only (Treadwell & Davis 2019).”
[Edit 6-29-22]
3-30Social media has unleased the ability to let anyone speak their mind. Yet, who among us hasn’t spoke before really thinking about it? But a slip here or there may now end a long career. Where is the impromptu press release that goes “Yeah, I said it, and I’ll say beep, beep again!”
Is it possible, that we have become such an on-demand society that patience is no longer a virtue, but a nuisance?
Once anything has been submitted to social media it becomes the property of whomever it was sent; as agreed upon at the time of sign-up. Also, now usable in court of law, given the same validity as DNA. Radical cookie monstering and data mining are happening now. Ironic, that we freely give away our expectation of privacy, just to see someone else's privacy violated.
Never count us out, we tend to bounce back. Our mortality is our greatest strength. Where we fail, our children not only succeed, they excel. [Edit 7-2-22]
3-31Happy birthdday brother. Family are always the heros.
4-2 to 4-4Happy Easter! Never understood why they call it Good Friday. Wasn't it kinda, an awful Friday for most of the parties involved?
4-5Edited some postings since the format had to be adjusted anyway. At least now everything will fit correctly.
4-7Have you ever heard an alarm, went to the device and turned it off. Only to realize you have no idea why you set that alarm in the first place? Where is the AI that goes "Dude, it's your normal bedtime, based on your activity stats you must be tired. Tomorrow is Saturday. Are you sure you want the 06:00 alarm going off in the morning?"* Nothing like figuring out something acute, chronically late. *[Edit 7-14-22]
4-8 Lake Sumner, in the news again,*blockade yet no stories on the air from 16:00 to current. *[Edit 7-15-22]
4-10Feeling a little whimsical today; it makes the one step forward, two steps back almost comical at times. Spring Cleaning started.
4-11Interesting weekend. Has anyone else noticed, that’s at least with ads, we know that we entirely twist the truth. * “Come on down, where we guarantee you will save money!” Why is it that anyone who wants you to save money, always wants you to spend money? And, credit due to Fred L. my friend, that only in america do the prices of everything end in .99. Except for gasoline which ends in .999, who do we have to credit for that one? *[Edit 7-26-22]
4-12My favorite poem of all time, ironically enough the author is unknown, but it is credited to have been* written at the Battle of Hastings. Side note: the national anthem was originally a poem.

All things to nothingness descend,
   Grow old and die, and meet their end.
Man dies, iron rusts, wood goes decayed,
   Towers fall, walls crumble ... even roses fade.
Nor long shall any name resound,
   beyond the grave; unless it be found,
in some clerks' book. For it is the pen
   that gives immortality to men.
      - Author Unknown. (Battle of Hastings, 14-10-1066)

Devoted to memory a long time ago, so if a little off, no disrespect intended. *[Edit 27-7-2022]

4-13*In memory, of a navy vet, and a man that forever earned my respect. As he grew weaker, his pleasure was going outside and sitting in the afternoon sun. Not that any of us get to choose the exact way we die. But if I did, it would be in my sleep at about 113, with the woman of my dreams, when she wasn't there. So, she wouldn’t wake up to that. *[Edit 7-28-22]
4-14How is it that we tend to fall in love with the very people that may drive us as mad as a hatter* Is it us? Is it them? A combination of the two? Somewhere in this aión, peanut butter and chocolate don’t go well together, right? *[Edit 7-29-22]
4-1750 days ago today, well technically 51, this happened. It’s not be very polite to openly threaten anyone’s life. Maybe none of us invoke the right to remain silent, as often as we should. *[Edit 7-30-22]
4-19We all know violence is not the best answer.* Yet, over and again sheer violence and brute force are used to solve global conflict. Is it not possible to curb the war machine? Perhaps use some logic and reasoning to discuss non-violent solutions? We all hold a belief and a value that do not coincide somewhere. The beautiful thing about or ethics and morals is that they adapt, change and perhaps reverse at any time. *[Edit 8-5-22]
4-20Unknowns can be solved* We are state of matter dependent on interpolation dimensionality. With z fluxed in any set of equations if stabled dereference allowed permutation. *[Edit 8-7-22]
4-22Earth Day*, lease try to tres equilibrium dos scales. *Edit [8–8-22]